Fender Tweed Twin 5E8-A

My good friend and former bandmate Shaugn O’Donnell wanted a higher power amp to complement the Princeton 5F2 I built him. He chose a Low Power Tweed Twin kit from Mojotone. The build took a long time especially since the power transformer that shipped with the kit was not up to spec. The guys at Mojotone were awesome though and spent many hours helping me diagnosing the problem and making it right. I can’t say enough about their company. The amp didn’t turn out to be what Shaugn wanted. It really does not have enough clean power and the Jensen speakers are quite flubby and inefficient. I replaced the 12AY7 tubes with the 12ax7 variety and the amp has more life and volume, but still not the raw power of a 100 watt mid 70’s twin. It’s a beautiful amp but Shaugn’s search continues for his holy grail of tone and power.