POPP JTM45/100 Hendrix Specification Super Lead – Marshall Clone

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Up for sale is a newly built Popp 100 watt JTM45/100 Marshall clone amplifier. I built this amplifier as a replica of the 1966 Marshall Super 100 Amplifier serial number 7026 that Jimi Hendrix used at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, an amp well documented by Rich Dickinson. It is not an exact replica because I used some modern parts for reliability including PTFE wire, and stainless steel hardware with Nyloc nuts.

The tone of the amplifier is legendary as expected due to the parts used in the build. I incorporated both new and N.O.S. parts, using N.O.S. in as many places as possible. Notice the Mullard Mustard capacitors and Piher resistors populate the entire circuit board. It has tons of power on tap and accepts pedals well. I spent many hours building and perfecting this amp. The self-noise is very low which can be hard to accomplish when incorporating N.O.S. parts. Many substitutions were made during the build to eliminate pops, buzzes, and hum. The amp varies from the original circuit as I have utilized improved “Larry” grounding.

The result is a great sounding, reliable 100 Watt Marshall clone that you don’t have to be afraid to take to gigs.

The amp has been burned in for 24 hours to assure no problems.

***Please note: this is not a Marshall brand amplifier, but a well built clone.***

Here is a list of parts:
Valvestorm Aluminum Chassis (welded corners) – New
Valvestorm Amp Panels
Marstran 1204-43 Power Transformer – New
Marstran 1202-84 Output Transformer – New
Marstran C1999 Choke – New
JJ KT66 Apex Matched Power Tubes – New
JJ ECC83 Preamp tubes – New
PEC Precision Sealed Potentiometers – New
Carling Switches – New
Cliff Jacks – New
Bulgin Power Connector – N.O.S.
Amphenol Tube Sockets – New
Belling Lee Fuse Holder – N.O.S.
Rifa Electrolytic Capacitors – New
Piher Resistors – N.O.S.
Welwyn 7 Watt Screen Grid Resistors – New
3 Watt Fast Recovery Diodes – New
Mullard Mustard Capacitors – N.O.S
Cornell Dubilier (Bright Channel Mix) – N.O.S
Lemco Dogbone (Phase Inverter) – N.O.S.
Mojo Dijon Capacitor (Power Supply) – New
PTFE Silver Plated Wire – New
Stainless Steel Harware with Nyloc nuts – New
Mojo Head Cabinet – New
Plexi Replica Cabinet Feet – New