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The Popp Effects FET Boost is an elegantly simple clean boost pedal. It is based on the very popular "crackle ok" circuit utilizing the famous BS170 transistor. It incorporates a pull down resistor for reducing the pop when it is engaged. It is housed in a small 1590A Enclosure so you can squeeze it onto even the most crowded of pedal boards. It is true bypass so when switched off it is entirely out of the signal chain. The Popp Effects FET Boost has many uses. Put it at the end of you pedal board chain for a solo lead boost. It has a ton of boost so be careful! You can also use it before a tube screamer type of pedal to add more drive without increasing the volume very much. For you non-pedal board guys, you can use it in front of the input on a tube amp to drive the amp harder, or even in the effects loop of for a cleanish solo boost. Some players will want use it as an "always on" pedal to help drive signals when long cable runs are involved. It's a versatile little tool for any guitarist to have in their arsenal.

The construction of the pedal is all done by hand. Instead of a mass produced stamped out printed circuit board with thin traces, the Popp Effects FET Boost is done on a perf board with point-to-point construction. It uses heavy duty Switchcraft jacks as opposed to flimsy circuit board mounted jacks for years of reliability. High quality components are used throughout including the the footswitch which is made by Cliff. The enclosure is powder coated in a black matte wrinkle finish which is very durable and resistant to chipping and scratches.

As part of my green initiative, the pedal is purposely designed with no battery. I also ship using basic packaging in padded envelopes so there is no box. Don't worry it will be packed nicely!

*Please note:
- Although a resistor is used to reduce pop when engaged, the pedal is true bypass so some pop may possibly occur especially in higher gain situations.
- When adjusting the boost control, the pedal emmits a slight fuzzy crackle. This is normal in this circuit.

Price: $79 Shipped in the US

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Demo by Joe Popp

Demo by effects guru Bobby D!

FET Booster user comments:
John Wesley - (Porcupine Tree, Steve Wilson, Autodrive):
"Joe, this box is fantastic. It is on my board and it was exactly what I was hoping it would be."

Bobby Devito - (Effects Guru , LVX Nova):
"Awww yeah! my Popp FET BOOST #003 is here, and it looks OUTSTANDING...Joe builds stuff OVERBUILT - the interior of this pedal is SERIOUS. This is the real stuff. It's a fantastic sounding boost..."

Josh R;
"The unit it tiny, will fit on any pedal seems like it was built to last, feels sturdy. ...This pedal is a SHO type boost, when you move the knob there is a "crackle" sound. This pedal has a ton of boost, I was very satisfied with the amount of volume. If you crank the knob all the way up you get a very nice crunchy tone. It works so well before my Fulldrive and at the end of my chain that I'm having a hard time figuring out where to put it!"

Shaugn O'Donnell - (Guitarist, music theorist, and author of articles on The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead)
Hey Joe, your boost kicks butt; now my amp goes to 11! As a straight-ahead clean boost it doesn't alter my tone too much, just adding a little sparkle and clarity on top, and as a post-distortion volume boost for leads, it stays even truer to my sound. I'm currently using it before my screamer -- the modded 808 you built for me -- to add gain now, but I may need a second one after my muff to use it both ways. I love the green no-battery policy, and your builds are the cleanest and sturdiest I've seen in thirty years of playing and dissecting pedals.

About the builder:
Joe Popp is starting his 10th year as the Technical Director for the Sonic Arts Center at CCNY. He has designed and wired numerous studios in the New York area and is also an amplifier and custom cable builder. He has been playing in rock bands for the past 30 years and currently performs in teo bands, The Hornrims and Plasma in the Ukraine.