Arai Sponsors Popp Over America

Arai Sponsors Popp Over America

Arai Americas has signed on as a sponsor of Popp Over America by providing me with a brand new Arai Vector-2 helmet in Frost Black. This is huge news because Arai is the only helmet I will wear. Why? Superstition and experience. In 1993 I had a crash when a car pulled out in front of my Yamaha RZ350 and stopped dead. I grabbed too much front brake and lost the front end. Before I could react, my head hit the road face-first with a loud thud. I was wearing an Arai Signet helmet at the time. I believe that lid saved my life and from that day forward  I have worn nothing else while on a motorcycle. Please click here to check out all the Arai products and tell them Joe Popp sent you. Thanks Arai!

The Popp Over America Arai Vector-2 in Frost Black

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