Nashville Ain’t So Bad After All! Popp Over America – May 26th, 2017

Popp Over America – May 26th, 2017
I finally found some original music in Nashville! A big thanks to Janet and Charles Cox for hosting the Songwriter’s Night and Guitar Pool at Bobby’s Idle Hour.

I’m posting some “From the Road” videos for Popp Over America. When the Tour is over at the end of August 2017 I will do real edits and post audio to create episodes. Enjoy and visit !

Popp Over America – Nashville, TN – May 25th, 2017

Trying to up my game for my “From the Road” content. I shot, recorded, mixed, and edited this song in under 3 hours.  I was walking around Broadway in Nashville yesterday and could not find any original music! Hopefully the writer’s night at Bobby’s Idle Hour I’m attending tonight will restore my faith…


Rolled up on my bike today
Saw a sky filled with cranes
The new “it” city of the south
Right from the Chamber of Commerce mouth

There’s a million places to play
But there’s really nowhere to play
Bars filled with cover tune guys
If I hear “Wagon Wheel” again I’m gonna die

What have they done to this town
Legislated the soul right out
Made from the blood of country stars
Now it costs thirty bucks to park your car.

Only here for a couple of days
Don’t think I’l return this way
Think of the songs this place made
Watch as the gold records tarnish and fade

What have they done to this town
Legislated the soul right out
Made from the blood of country stars
Costs thirty bucks to park your car

Costs thirty bucks just to park your car

Other World Computing Sponsors Popp Over America

OWC makes my life so much better.

In the world of computer maintenance there are few constants. Devices that operated perfectly fine the day before, can have drastic melt downs today, that can make being a technician a very challenging position. At my day job as the Technical Director for the Sonic Arts Center, I am responsible for maintaining over 40 Apple Macintosh computers. This can be a daunting and stressful task. One company that has helped relieve the pent-up steam in my head during my 14-year tenure at the college is OWC.

When I need a replacement drive, I need it quick, and the response time from OWC is usually within minutes. If I make a mistake and order the wrong part? No problem they are quick to help remedy my error and guide me through getting what I need.

I will be shooting HD video during Popp Over America. The data sizes I will be dealing with every day will be huge. OWC has sponsored me by providing four OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini 3.0TB 5400RPM portable drives. They are small, rugged, and reliable. I will have two with me at all times, while the other two will be in transit to my home base in NYC where a friend will be handling the transfers to a OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 4-bay drive array – also provided by OWC. After the transfers, the Elite Pro drives will be shipped back to me on the road wherever I am.

I am extremely excited to have OWC as a partner on this project. When I began Popp Over America, I knew I was going to need OWC sponsored or not. Having them on board is like getting a great gift from an old reliable friend.

So, if you need a new drive, ram, enclosure or an upgrade to your Mac computer, be sure to visit Other World Computing. I guarantee they will not disappoint!



Radial Engineering Sponsors Popp Over America

Radial Engineering is sponsoring Popp Over America by providing a pair of JS2™ Passive Microphone Splitters. I knew about Radial Engineering for a long time, but I never really looked into their products until my coworker at the time, John Patitucci, told me about the over-the-top quality of their gear. Yes, you read it right, I worked with Patitucci while he was a professor at the CCNY Music Department. He is known as one of the world’s greatest bass players and I’ll add that he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. John’s ears are so finely developed that when he recommends something to me, I check it out.

As the Technical Director for the Sonic Arts Center, I need to buy products that sound good, are easily serviced, and are durable to survive the abuse of 60 students. I auditioned a few of their direct boxes and we ended up buying a bunch of them for the Center based on their sound quality and rugged construction. They have performed flawlessly and are all perfectly consistent. I can’t speak of the service department at Radial, because in the 10 plus years we’ve owned their products, nothing has ever broken or needed repair! Their D.I.s and Splitters have a 14-gauge steel I-beam skeleton which provides a ridiculously tough shell for the components inside. Just what the Technical Director ordered.

I looked into several other of their products, and we also ended up purchasing many of their other devices. We ordered the Gold Digger to compare microphones, and the Cherry Picker to compare mic preamplifiers. These two devices in conjunction are an audio teacher’s dream. No plugging and unplugging to quickly compare the same signal though multiple mics and preamps. Genius! Radial’s SGI Studio Guitar Interface System is also a lifesaver as we often send guitar signals through tie-lines to different floors. If you have a audio quandary, Radial seems be be there waiting with the solution.

I am extremely proud to be sponsored by Radial. I was going to purchase the JS2s regardless of their support because I wanted the best, and with all of the Radial products I’ve tested – that’s exactly what you get.

Alto Music Sponsors Popp Over America

Many of you know me through my day gig as the Technical Director of the Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York. I have been at this position for over 14 years and it is truly a dream job. Yet with every dream job comes a series of headaches. I have 7 recording studios, 3 live rooms, and more Mac computers than I can count, that I have to keep running. Keeping all of this equipment alive can be like painting a battleship.

One my best remedies and migraine prevention resources is Alto Music. I started working with these guys over 10 years ago with the owner Jon Haber. Jon provided not only the best prices, but unparalleled customer service. A few years later as the company grew, I was given a new representative, Bobby Montemurro. I thought, “Ok, here we go. They are making real money now and I’m getting handed off to some lackey who isn’t going to help me keep my precarious ship afloat.” Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Bobby has been the greatest source of support since I have been at CCNY. He provides a deep knowledge of equipment, the greatest prices, fast shipping, and a level of customer service that is unbelievable. Sometimes I think he was hired by Alto to wait for my incoming emails. Be it a new mixing console or a guitar pick, he is always fast to respond and get my problem solved or item shipped. Bobby even personally donated to Popp Over America when I was trying to raise money for the pilot.

I am happy to announce that Alto Music is sponsoring Popp Over America in the form of store credit for recording and camera gear that I will be needing for the 48 state tour. The stress they have relieved for me at the day job is more than enough reward, so this sponsorship is more icing on the cake.

So if you need a new guitar, sound gear, or even a GoPro, hit up Alto Music – I am sure they will make you very happy!