A New Journey…

My brother John giving me my first ride on a minibike.

Ever since I was a young boy (obvious Who reference), I have had a love for both music and motorcycles. I recall wielding a broom as an electric guitar while bouncing on my parent’s bed to the Banana Splits TV show theme song in my tighty whiteys at the age of 5. My brother John reported to my mother that he thought I had brain damage. I was born to be a rock star.

When my dad brought home John’s new gold mini bike powered by a mighty 5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine, I begged for a ride until he finally relented. Soon enough I was riding myself. I loved the feeling of speed and acceleration. I was born to be a motorcycle racer.

Neither one of these childhood career choices came true, but I have been lucky to have success as a musician. I have recorded several albums and composed music for plays. I have also put more than a few miles under my butt aboard various brands of motorcycles that I’ve either owned or rented. I toured 7000 miles cross country in 2012, and 2500 miles up and down the East Coast in 2013. During these long trips I realized something was missing. Oh yeah, MY GUITAR!

As of June of 2015, I will turn 50-years-old and I have but one dream left. I will combine the two things I love into one epic journey and tour the 48 contiguous states as a singer-songwriter via motorcycle.

I am lucky to have good job as a technical director for a music recording program at a college in New York City. I am classified as non-teaching faculty, but even though I don’t teach full-time, every six years I get a one year sabbatical. That’s right – a year off from work. This break arrives in September of 2016 and I have decided to do an episodic TV series based on this final goal.

I am in the planning stages of this program right now. I must admit, I have not been this excited about a project in a long time.

Hop on and ride along…

My brother John giving me my first ride on a minibike.