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Other World Computing Sponsors Popp Over America

OWC makes my life so much better.

In the world of computer maintenance there are few constants. Devices that operated perfectly fine the day before, can have drastic melt downs today, that can make being a technician a very challenging position. At my day job as the Technical Director for the Sonic Arts Center, I am responsible for maintaining over 40 Apple Macintosh computers. This can be a daunting and stressful task. One company that has helped relieve the pent-up steam in my head during my 14-year tenure at the college is OWC.

When I need a replacement drive, I need it quick, and the response time from OWC is usually within minutes. If I make a mistake and order the wrong part? No problem they are quick to help remedy my error and guide me through getting what I need.

I will be shooting HD video during Popp Over America. The data sizes I will be dealing with every day will be huge. OWC has sponsored me by providing four OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini 3.0TB 5400RPM portable drives. They are small, rugged, and reliable. I will have two with me at all times, while the other two will be in transit to my home base in NYC where a friend will be handling the transfers to a OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2 4-bay drive array – also provided by OWC. After the transfers, the Elite Pro drives will be shipped back to me on the road wherever I am.

I am extremely excited to have OWC as a partner on this project. When I began Popp Over America, I knew I was going to need OWC sponsored or not. Having them on board is like getting a great gift from an old reliable friend.

So, if you need a new drive, ram, enclosure or an upgrade to your Mac computer, be sure to visit Other World Computing. I guarantee they will not disappoint!



Mounting a Hoffee Carbon Fiber Case for a Gibson SJ-200 on a VFR800

After a great deal of modifications, I finally have my Hoffee Carbon Fiber Gibson SJ-200  case mounted on my motorcycle! I am so proud to be sponsored by Hoffee. The case is a tank, but lightweight and built to withstand the elements.

I thought this would be easier to do using a standard GIVI PL166 and a Caribou adapter, but after testing the components the job was trickier than imagined. The Caribou adapter eliminates the top mating nub on the PL166 and replaces it with a flat steel plate with an oval-ish hole. The new mount overlaps this plate by 2 inches. The mounting tab for the GIVI was clearly in the way.

I started out by trying to flatten the original mounting point on the PL166. After bonking it down, the bent  tab still interfered  with the fake Two Brothers exhaust can on the left side. The exhaust system on the bike routes both exhaust pipes into the right muffler, so the left can is just a dummy. I got lucky because if I didn’t have this exhaust system, mounting the guitar would be much harder. The stock system also would heated up my guitar more than I would like. I next sawed off the tab and bent my own plate out of 1/8″ steel. After all this work I still ended up removing the fake muffler. No, the bike doesn’t look as cool, but I need to carry my guitar.

Once the entire set up was installed , I believe I could remount the fake muffler if I wanted to do so,  but I think I’ll leave it off and save the weight.

Once the guitar was mounted I applied a die cut decal to the case as well as a sticker from my case sponsor Hoffee.

Popp Over America is now ready to hit the road! I am shooting the pilot episode on July 8th – 12th with a full crew made possible by sponsors and Kickstarter supporters. A big thanks to all of you. Stay tuned and please subscribe to the blog on the left side of the page.


Video – Hoffee Case Sponsorship, Locations, and Concert!

Another amazing sponsorship from Hoffee Cases which are made of exotic Carbon Fiber. The best of the best! Location scouting and a gig booked with my old pal Shaugn O’Donnell.

Hoffee Cases
Caribou Cases Adapter Plate
Givi PL166 Sidecase Hardware
Libby’s Lunch
What is a Texas Weiner?
Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park
Ernie Hernandez
Hinchliffe Stadium
Hell Drivers
Popp Over America at Shrine, NYC – May 28th 8PM





A new learning curve – Photoplus 2014

The solution to finding a cameraman?

My ultimate goal for the show would be to have a camera operator travel with me on my journey. Hopefully this person would own a bitching camera to shoot the show. I understand this is a big ask being I have no budget as of yet and no means to make a financial offer to a shooter. Realizing this, my D.I.Y. ethic always kicks into high gear. I may have to shoot the show, or at least a pilot, myself with tripods and specialized mounts.

With this idea in mind, I ventured to the PDN PhotoPlus Expo that was in town at the Jacob Javits Center here in New York to check out cameras and assorted gear. I don’t know much about photography or videography and attending this show made me realize I have a mountain to learn.

But, I have no fear. I started as a guitarist and later learned recording, which turned into a career for me. After that, I taught myself amplifier and effects pedal construction. I enjoy immersing myself deeply into what I love. I welcome this challenge of assimilating new skills related to this project.

I know I am going to use a GoPro Hero4 to capture a good amount of on-bike video, but my meeting with James Repici confirmed I am going to need a higher quality camera for capturing other footage.

A new learning curve begins…