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The Brown Hotel or Freddie’s Bar in Louisville? – May 27, 2017

I couldn’t score a gig in Louisville so I wrote a song in the hotel room. I think my goal now is to write a song about each state instead of playing my old material at different venues and showing that over and over. I’ll still play gigs, but new songs are more fun to see I’m guessing. Here’s a tune about my time in Louisville. A “Hot Brown” is a Louisville food specialty. Turkey, cheese, bacon, Mornay sauce, and toast points. It’s awesome!

Started out in a hotel bar
Eating a hot brown
I felt like the king
The king this town


Stumbled into a perfect dive
The people were jubilant and alive
Here every one is a star
Only at Freddie’s bar

Think I’ll leave the opulence
Off to the side
Don’t need a guided cage
To be locked inside

Nashville Ain’t So Bad After All! Popp Over America – May 26th, 2017

Popp Over America – May 26th, 2017
I finally found some original music in Nashville! A big thanks to Janet and Charles Cox for hosting the Songwriter’s Night and Guitar Pool at Bobby’s Idle Hour.

I’m posting some “From the Road” videos for Popp Over America. When the Tour is over at the end of August 2017 I will do real edits and post audio to create episodes. Enjoy and visit !

Popp Over America – Nashville, TN – May 25th, 2017

Trying to up my game for my “From the Road” content. I shot, recorded, mixed, and edited this song in under 3 hours.  I was walking around Broadway in Nashville yesterday and could not find any original music! Hopefully the writer’s night at Bobby’s Idle Hour I’m attending tonight will restore my faith…


Rolled up on my bike today
Saw a sky filled with cranes
The new “it” city of the south
Right from the Chamber of Commerce mouth

There’s a million places to play
But there’s really nowhere to play
Bars filled with cover tune guys
If I hear “Wagon Wheel” again I’m gonna die

What have they done to this town
Legislated the soul right out
Made from the blood of country stars
Now it costs thirty bucks to park your car.

Only here for a couple of days
Don’t think I’l return this way
Think of the songs this place made
Watch as the gold records tarnish and fade

What have they done to this town
Legislated the soul right out
Made from the blood of country stars
Costs thirty bucks to park your car

Costs thirty bucks just to park your car