Michelin Sponsors Popp Over America

I am proud to announce that Michelin will be providing Pilot Road 4 tires for the Popp Over America 48 state tour. I started using Michelin tires when I got back into motorcycling in 2009 after many years away, and fitted their Pilot Road 2 tires on my 1994 Ducati 900SS SP that I was restoring. After the first test ride, I was stunned. I could not believe how far tire technology had advanced since my last time on a motorcycle.

When I bought my VFR800 to start this journey, the tires on the bike had good tread but were old. Many people do not take aging into consideration when inspecting a tire. You can ask my brother John who slung a tread on his Triumph TR6 (car) while on the highway after neglecting to change out his aging Redlines. He spun out with his daughter in Liz the car. They both escaped injury, but the event taught me (and John!) an important lesson. Even a high quality tire that looks brand new can be dangerous if it is past the tire’s age limit. Don’t mess around with tire safety. When in doubt – change ’em out!

Before I even took ownership of my 2002 VFR800, Roger from Rat Cycles called and warned me that the tires on the bike were past their expiration date (5 years past date of manufacture on the safe side). Without hesitation, I told him to fit the bike with the latest Michelin Pilot Road 4s. When I picked up the bike, I was again knocked out by the performance of the Michelins. They have a dual compound which means the side of the tire is softer (better grip) than the center (longer wear). They have a shorter stopping distance than the previous version, as well as longer wear. They also inspire confidence when riding in wet weather as seen in the Popp Over America pilot episode.

I only accept sponsorship from products I use and believe are the ultimate best. Michelin is the sole tire provider for MotoGP, and I figure if they are good enough for champion Marc Marquez and the rest of the field, they are the brand for me. But the main reason I use Michelin is because of my positive experience with their products. There is nothing else I ever want on my motorcycle. Please support my sponsors by following Michelin on Facebook @MichelinMotorcycle/US and Instagram @MichelinMotorcycle.

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  1. Great story Joe. Sounds like you made a great decision to go with Michelin. Just knowing my brother will be safer sold me!

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