Radial Engineering Sponsors Popp Over America

Radial Engineering is sponsoring Popp Over America by providing a pair of JS2™ Passive Microphone Splitters. I knew about Radial Engineering for a long time, but I never really looked into their products until my coworker at the time, John Patitucci, told me about the over-the-top quality of their gear. Yes, you read it right, I worked with Patitucci while he was a professor at the CCNY Music Department. He is known as one of the world’s greatest bass players and I’ll add that he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. John’s ears are so finely developed that when he recommends something to me, I check it out.

As the Technical Director for the Sonic Arts Center, I need to buy products that sound good, are easily serviced, and are durable to survive the abuse of 60 students. I auditioned a few of their direct boxes and we ended up buying a bunch of them for the Center based on their sound quality and rugged construction. They have performed flawlessly and are all perfectly consistent. I can’t speak of the service department at Radial, because in the 10 plus years we’ve owned their products, nothing has ever broken or needed repair! Their D.I.s and Splitters have a 14-gauge steel I-beam skeleton which provides a ridiculously tough shell for the components inside. Just what the Technical Director ordered.

I looked into several other of their products, and we also ended up purchasing many of their other devices. We ordered the Gold Digger to compare microphones, and the Cherry Picker to compare mic preamplifiers. These two devices in conjunction are an audio teacher’s dream. No plugging and unplugging to quickly compare the same signal though multiple mics and preamps. Genius! Radial’s SGI Studio Guitar Interface System is also a lifesaver as we often send guitar signals through tie-lines to different floors. If you have a audio quandary, Radial seems be be there waiting with the solution.

I am extremely proud to be sponsored by Radial. I was going to purchase the JS2s regardless of their support because I wanted the best, and with all of the Radial products I’ve tested – that’s exactly what you get.

4 thoughts on “Radial Engineering Sponsors Popp Over America”

  1. Many thanks to Radial Engineering for sponsoring my brother, Joe Popp, on his quest to bring the best qualities of this great country into our living rooms. Ride on!!!!

    1. I need portability plus the highest quality for this tour and Radial give me the best of both! So happy to have their support!

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