Fender Princeton 5F2

I have not built an amplifier since November of 2008. My good buddy Shaugn O’Donnell and guitarist for one of my bands, Plasma In The Ukraine, wanted a couple of amps made. So I decided to fire up the old Weller WES51D and get back making things. This is the first amp he commissioned from me. It is a Fender Princeton 5F2 kit from Mojotone. Since I didn’t do any modifications or custom drilling, it went together quickly. Shaugn and I decided to have Mojo cut the speaker baffle for a 10″ speaker instead of an 8″. I had an old Jensen from a 70s Fender Super Reverb that was well broken in and sounds fantastic. The amp is clean at low volumes and gets beautifully gritty when cranked up. At only 7 watts, this little Princeton is the perfect amp for around the apartment. This amp was completed June 24, 2013. Shaugn says it’s the best amp he’s ever played through.